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Water & Wines Champagne Wine Map Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 Pieces Sparkling Wine


Water & Wines Champagne Wine Map Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 Pieces Sparkling Wine

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Puzzling over the perfect present? Let us place the final piece in that jigsaw… Introducing the Champagne Wine Map Jigsaw Puzzle from Water & Wines. This stunning and colourful hand-drawn map puzzle highlights the region’s key wine-producing areas, main grape varieties, famous advocates, star appellations, production method and different styles. It also includes grape profiles, describing their aromas, characteristics and food matches. All of which makes it an ideal gift for any wine lover, WSET student or wannabe sommelier. Alternatively, add a bottle or two of Champagne to your basket and invite some friends round, because we’ve got your evening’s activity all planned out. Water & Wines creates next-level jigsaw puzzles that make a refreshing alternative to a classic game. This innovative Swedish company was founded by Yamit Viitaoja, a sommelier based in Stockholm. She began creating wine-themed jigsaw puzzles while self-isolating during the Covid-19 pandemic. Realising how brilliant they were for learning the regions, appellations and grape varieties, she brought her friend and fellow puzzle lover, Mathilde Iwar, on board (if you’ll excuse the pun). This female-led team worked closely with other experienced sommeliers and industry experts to create a series of accurate and beautifully hand-illustrated puzzles. As well as being an educational journey through the fascinating world of fine wine and spirits, these puzzles are also sustainably produced. Each one is made in Poland using recycled materials and they are shipped to the UK to keep the carbon footprint down. Water & Wines has also pledged to plant one tree through Eden Reforestation Projects for every puzzle sold, as well as donating a percentage of their monthly profits to Charity Water, who provide access to clean water for people in developing countries.