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Sylvanian Family Ice Cream Van


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Which ice cream will your Sylvanian choose? The Ice Cream Van set contains over 30 colourful and delicious-looking ice creams and accessories.Serve the ice cream scoops in the cones and add chocolate toppings. The chocolate toppings are in the shape of adorable animal ears! The toppings come in different shapes, so you can make rabbit, cat, or panda-themed ice creams! The ice cream cones can be held by the figures. The driver’s seat can be removed and used as a bench. The display case can also be flipped around and used as a seat! The van then turns into a four-seater vehicle!Remove the display case to tidy the accessories away underneath.Combine with the Baby Amusement Park, Popcorn Delivery Trike, Baby Windmill Park or Baby Balloon Playhouse (all Sold separately) for a full theme park play experience!