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Sony Marvel’s Spider-Man – None


Sony Marvel’s Spider-Man – None

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Watch Spider-Man master his skills in New York and buy Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4. Peter Parker’s life is beginning to collide with his powerful alter ego and he must balance his career and save thousands of lives in New York City. Play as one of the most iconic superheroes created, Spider-Man, as he webs his way through New York with incredible interaction to his surroundings in the open-world. Swing your way through missions and side quests to defeat crime, fight evil and unlock special skills to help with his combat abilities. Sony Interactive Entertainment has teamed up with Insomniac Games to bring you a new Spider-Man game unlike any you’ve seen before. This authentic adventure lets the city of NYC be your playground in the most expansive and interactive world yet. Use the environment to fight crime in exhilarating ways as you web-sling and wall-crawl your way through danger with Spider-Man’s impressive acrobatic abilities. Delve into the blockbuster action and buy Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 today. Spider-Man FAQ’s Is Spider-Man on PS4 related to the movie? It’s been revealed that the Spider-Man game will offer an alternate storyline to the movies, so you can expect fresh game play and a whole new exciting adventure! Is this Spider-Man game related to the previous games? No, this is a whole different game that isn’t related to any of the movies or previous games made. Will there be split-screen gameplay? No, this game only offers single player. Does this game include an open world? Yes, you can enjoy open-world game play in this Spider-Man game on PS4 as you web-swing your way through New York City.