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Razor Power Core E100s Electric Scooter


Razor Power Core E100s Electric Scooter

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Featuring a detachable seat for an effortlessly comfortable ride, the Power Core E100s electric scooter from Razor has an increased ride time of one hour for a high performance. It’s fitted with an in-hub torque motor, offering better acceleration and allowing it to reach speeds of up to 11mph. Complete with rechargeable 12-volt batteries and a charger, it will have you dashing around in no time. Electric ‘E’ scooters are strictly for use on private land only and you must always have the permission of the landowner. Use of Electric ‘E’ Scooters on public roads or in spaces that are set aside for use by pedestrians, cyclists and horse-riders (including pavements and cycle lanes) is illegal in the UK. Using an Electric ‘E’ Scooter can be dangerous and the manufacturer’s instructions and guidance should be followed at all times. Use of protective equipment such as helmets is highly recommended at all times and all children must be supervised when operating an Electric ‘E’ Scooter.