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LEGO® Minecraft® The Wolf Stronghold Fortress Playset 21261


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Kids With A Passion For Action And Adventure Playsets, Fortress Toys And Minecraft® Characters Can Enjoy All This And More In Lego® Minecraft The Wolf Stronghold (21261). This Minecraft Wolf Gift For Kids Aged 8 And Over Is A Hands-On Video Game Toy And A Creative Building, Hero-Explorer And Battle Action Playset.Kids Build The Wolf Tamer A Base Featuring A Big Wolf’S Head Above The Entrance, Then Have Fun Switching The Wolf’S Face From Friendly To Angry. Inside Is A Crafting Table, Blast Furnace, Anvil And, For The First Time In A Lego Minecraft Set, A Smithing Table. A Chest Of Supplies Contains A Netherite Ingot, Which Kids Can Craft Into A Sword, Sweet Berries, And Bones That Are Used To Tame The Wild Wolf. Outside Is A Forest Section With A Tree, Boulder, Mushroom And Sweet Berry Bush. 2 Minecraft Skeleton Toys Wander The Forest: One Has An Enchanted Bow, The Other Has A Bow And Arrow And Diamond Helmet. For Added Digital Fun, Builders Can Use The Intuitive Lego Builder App.