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Harvey Nichols The Scotland Whisky Map Jigsaw Puzzle Gift Set


Harvey Nichols The Scotland Whisky Map Jigsaw Puzzle Gift Set

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Introducing our perfect quiet night in… If you’re puzzling over a present, let us place the final piece in that jigsaw. The Scotland Whisky Map Jigsaw Puzzle Gift Set comprises a beautiful jigsaw, a 20cl bottle of an exclusive Scotch from a ghost distillery and a pair of glasses to sip it from. We recommend gifting it to someone who will invite you round to complete it over a dram or two. Contains: 1 x Water & Wines Scotland Whisky Map Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 Pieces 1 x Port Dundas x Harvey Nichols 17 Year Old Single Grain Scotch Whisky 200ml, 48.4% 2 x Riedel Bar Drink Specific Neat Whisky Glasses The Scotland Whisky Map Jigsaw Puzzle from Water & Wines is a stunning and colourful hand-drawn map puzzle that highlights the country’s five regions and their characteristics. It also includes some of the iconic distilleries (both mothballed and still operational), historical figures and ancient traditions that have made Scotch whisky so famous. The 200ml bottle of Scotch represents a rare and ever-diminishing opportunity to taste the exquisite grain whisky from Glasgow’s ghost distillery, Port Dundas. Bottled exclusively for Harvey Nichols by the experts at Douglas Laing & Co, this 17 Year Old Port Dundas opens with smoked meats, before developing peat, charred oak and subtle warming spice notes. We love the brown sugar and vanilla cream combo, reminiscent of crème brûlée, and the touch of soft stone fruits and stewed apples that remind us of making pies and crumbles during the colder months. Mature Port Dundas is always an intriguing prospect not to be missed. The Neat Glass from Riedel has been specifically created for drinking spirits straight up. Designed to be cradled comfortably in the hand, it has become our go-to glass for a nightcap or special occasion Scotch. Another brilliant feature is that the level where the rib design on the glass flares out at the bottom marks an accurate 60ml (or double) pour, making it efficient to fill without a measure. So, clear the ta