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James Pybus
James (Age 9)

James is the eldest at 9 years old and is in school year 5. James is interested in Lego, cycling, GT7 on PS5.

Lily (Age 7)

Lily is in school year 3. Lily is interested in gymnastics, reading, writing and is learning to play the violin.

Molly (Age 4)

Molly is starting reception in September 2023. Molly loves singing, dancing and Baby dolls.

Welcome to our

Introduction video from the site owners. Parents, Gemma and James monitor the website on behalf of their children. The idea is to introduce the children to business, finance as well as digital marketing. They write the content and do the videos and use the site for school project work. The site is an affiliate website and the children earn their pocket money from the commission on sales.